Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hello fellow blogers,
I feel proud as a Kenyan and as a an African journalist to be part of this new excitement where we can exchange ideas. This is it! And we will be together in this whole journey. Iam being initiated into this new world by my new found friend Ndesanjo Macha who you may have known in the blogging world.
Interestingly I am writing this from Edinburgh where I am to cover (that is not the real thing) George Bush and Tony Blair "make Poverty History". May be I am participating or covering a big lie! But you can read some of the issues that I have written since I came here. In my premier article I based it on a conversation with some of my villagemates who wanted to know what the G8 is all about. But speaking to Kenyans in Nairobi streets I found that their understanding of G8 is limited. They have also been disregarded. They are poor, but not poor enough. London and Edinburgh has been good to me. I had a chance to talk to former British secretary for International Development, Clair Short and also about the sceptics who want to Make G8 History.
My fellow journalists covering the G8 are having a fun of their lives. Meet them at the Panos Weblog and Africa Vox for updates on their escapades in Edinburgh including eating 'LEAVES" instead of real food. See you tomorrow!


mshairi said...

I am glad I am the first to welcome you to the world of blogging. Karibu sana and I hope you will join the Kenyan Blogs Webring soon (

Kenyan Pundit said...

Karibu to the blogosphere, it's exciting to have Kenyan journalists finally come on board. Can't wait to read more of your reports, especially when you get back home.

Afromusing said...

Karibu blogosphere. Ditto on Kenyan pundit.

Afromusing said...

oh yeah and ditto on Mshairi too.(not too creative today...)