Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sorry folks!I have not been here for three days. And it has been a critical moment in Kenya. Parliament passed recommendations on changing some aspects of the Draft Constitution which many fear may retain a powerful presidency.
Today, the Steadman Research are to publish results of the popularity of President Kibaki and a casual inspection of the results indicate that Kibaki has taken a lead over his competitors.
But this is not about constitution and the results are interesting since there are calls here for Kibaki to go for another term.
Speaking to my colleagues and other ordinary folks I am surprised at the level of disagreement on the Kenyan constitution and how it should be. I was today researching on the history of the constitution making process since 1991. It is very interesting to see how politicians have taken civil society for a ride. So am I surprised by the outcome in parliament. Never.
We have always pegged our hopes on the wrong people and we rally with them to fulfil their agenda.But we must never lose focus.
Yesterday night I watched as some acquintances -how are you Kepta Ombati - sang songs of freedom as they awaited to be charged with "behaving in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace".
I did admire their efforts and others who came out to defend their right to assemble.
But there is one man I will not stand: former President Moi who has become another voice. It is him who sabotaged our initial efforts to a new constitution. I will defende his right to say what he said but I will not stand him.
NB: Next week I travel to Subukia in the Rift Valley to meet a woman whose son was jailed in 1980 and has never heard of her. She wants me to trace the son before she dies. I will try my best....

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Afromusing said...

Thank you for this. Stay safe and my best wishes to you and to the lady in Subukia.