Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It is months since I was here but I promise myself that I will do it now....bear with me. It has been many weeks in Nairobi and this saga of Armenians still troubles me. What the heck did the authorities think?
It is July folks and we are freezing in Nairobi. From where i sit the Kilimambogo has disappeared in the mist.
The weekend was terrible. Fire at a Nairobi factory killed 10 since it was bolted so that workers do not steal. Pray.
We witnessed loss of precious African artefacts at Libra House. It is a scandal that even the media is not following. A story that will just die with no follow up.


acolyte said...

It saddens me as a Kenyan how we could let foreigners step on our sovereignity with such impunity.
While you freeze in Nai, we are roasting here across the Atlantic.
The loss of those lives due to that Indians greed is disgusting.I do hope that he doesnt manage to buy his way out of charges.

Omar Basawad said...

Yes, the Armenians: what is it all about! Far away here from Nairobi, I know much is being covered up about these guys! Is Kenya truly sovreign?