Friday, October 20, 2006

I have just been watching President Kibaki's speech on the occassion of Kenyatta Day. what impressed me was that he remembered to recognise the presence of freedom fighters among them Ramogi Achieng Oneko.
A lot has been said about the Kapenguria Six and we now know that not all those who were jailed lived to freedom expectations after they got to power. Two of them, Bildad Kaggia and achieng Aneko lived humble lives after they refused to toe the line and power never got into their heads. For that we salute them.



i am not sure if that is a positive statement or not. the way we have seen ethnic fueled tribal war fare in kenya before, i am left wondering if this incessant fixation with the past and freedom fighting is doing kenyans any good. If we want to be proud of our past, then we must create a future that will justify that bloody past of struggle, rather than erase the futures of the youtrh who are currently seeking greener pastures outside kenya because kenya is unable to give them hope.the current claSHES IN THE SLUMS OF NAIROBI SHOULD BE A WARNING SIGN OF GREATER TROUBLES TO COME, IF THE CURRENT TRAJEXTORY IS NOT ALTERED.

Anonymous said...

Freedom from whom for whom?its the high time we all us should realize no one can fight for someone else,yes its true men/women throughout the world past and present and in future will stand against all forms of oppression,but the only people who remain steadfast in search of freedom are the ones who have liberated themselves,otherwise how can we explain todays liberator being the oppressor of tomorrow?Men/women,Boys/girls,fight for yourself.Listen to bob marley-if you know what life is real worth YOU SHALL LOOK FOR YOURS ON EARTH