Thursday, July 07, 2005

The horrific events in London remind me of the day the US embassy in Nairobi was blown by Osama bin Laden.
Ilost my best friend and several acquintances. Now I am far in Edinburgh but I can feelthe pain of those who lost their loved ones. the import of all this is that whether we like it or not the African agenda which was high on the G8 summit will have to change.
It will require a lot of political will to Make Poverty History now since most of the attention may focus on the bid to defeat terrorism.
Africa has all of a sudden fallen the channels here and I saw it coming when the first news was flashed by BBC.
I had this feeling that I may not be able to continue my BBC Blog because of all these but I managed to put it up.
We went to the media center and there were free things. You know I love free things and I could call my family and friends in Kenya and tell them I am ok.I also called the Kenyan embassy to confirm if they are any kenyans hurt in this madness which we know very well in Kenya but which we have never been part of.
Attention here had been on Gleneagles, at least security wise, and London had few security officers on alert. Again it was just a normal day and there was an aura of jubilation after London was given the go-ahead to host the 2012 olympic.
The celebrations are over.
My escapades in UK continue and here is a revelation. I today attended a press conference by French President Jacque Chirac and he was speaking in French. I had not seen the headphones for translation and had to sit back and listen to french until almost the end when I saw them under my chair...I missed what he was saying..(Bonjour...auvoir...)

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