Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today I got annoyed with my self-appointed handlers. If I was in Kenya i would have named them. But i am miles away from home and I have to keep the temparature cool although the local Scottish weather is automatically doing that. I had all day wished I could go to witness the chaos in stirling but then mabepari wa uongo told me that roads were closed. I had to break away and go to Princes Street just to be out of the cage and feel free to see anthing....even a police vehicle.
But this afternoon we managed to get to the small village of Auchterarder to see the demonstration that had earlier been cancelled. There was chaos during the demo since some guys decided to break away from the official route and tried to inavede Gleneagles Hotel compound where all the G8 leaders are meeting.
We never made it to Gleneagles today but at least we spoke with the locals who felt that their little village had been taken over by anarchists and then by police who were in every corner.
One woman I spoke to summed it all: I fear these people. i cannot even cross the road to where they are. she told me. I asked her whether locals were participating in the march and said "one or two...but i cant see any local there.
Why? they think it is not civilised way to do things. She said. I do not know whether she was speaking on behalf of her community but she said she did not like the abusive language used on Bush and Blair. and before she finished a second wave of protestors arrived singing..."Bush the terrorist"


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