Thursday, July 14, 2005

I am back home after that sojourn at the G8. I am writing this from my desk that overlooks the ever busy Kenyatta avenue and from the ninth floor of a building. From here I can see the distnace mist at Kilimambo also known as ol Donyo Sabuk. I have been there before to discover the secrets of an American millionaire who built a huge bungalow on the slopes of the mountain which has many secrets.
It has been a wonderful day to be at home and in the newsroom. I have some work to do today . research on the recent killings in northern Kenya and the escapades of the Oromo Liberation soldiers in Kenya. Are we missing the big picture?
The story is a bit scaring. It goes across borders and it is tied to both clan. local and regional politics.
But here we go....
and before I forget thanks to all my friend in UK who introduced me to all this new idea of blogging...Sameer, Jon, Franchesca, Anna, (Alex Whiting for that coffee!) and Ndesanjo for encouraging me on. And to all my colleagues at the fellowship it was nice meeting you at gleneagles when Africa was on the spot. we are back home and the onus is on do justice for the continent

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